qwickaccessbadge sign-on

Secure Proximity Badge Sign-On to Virtual Desktops.

QwickACCESS provides fast proximity badge access to local and virtual desktop environments while increasing productivity and strengthening desktop security. QwickACCESS' proximity badge functionality allows users to sign-in with a simple tap, eliminating the need to manually enter passwords multiple times throughout the day.

Designed with clinicians and IT personnel in mind, QwickACCESS strengthens security and HIPAA compliance while providing clinicians with a more streamlined workflow and more time every day to spend with patients.

proximity badge functionality

With the simple tap of a proximity badge, users can tap-in, tap-out and tap-over on any supported workstation on a shared network.

Multi-Platform support

Supported on Windows and Linux based end-points, as well as HP Thin Clients, Dell Wyse Thin Clients, and all Chrome Devices.

Support for Virtual desktops

Fast and secure access to virtual environments such as VMware View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and Microsoft RDC


qwickaccess and windows

HealthCast's QwickACCESS has been deeply integrated with Microsoft Windows since it was originally designed. QwickACCESS provides fast and secure access to local machines running Microsoft Windows. Support for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, QwickACCESS is the perfect solution to access workstations while keeping patient information and processes secure. With roaming support, Windows users can go from one Windows end-point to another and pick up where they left off in a snap. For unique benefits of QwickACCESS to local Windows based machines, contact us for more information.

QwickACCESS is available on a variety of different platforms and designed to work in almost any environment. and with support in mixed environments, users can roam from one type of device to another to access their work.
dellwyse devices
linux devices

Clinicians can now use qwickaccess on chrome devices to securely access applications.

HealthCast is now offering our customers the simplest, most secure, and easy-to-manage application virtualization solution available in the market, with the help of our partners Google and Citrix. Previously, users had to manually log in/log out of an application, taking away from time that could be spent delivering quality care to patients. This solution provides users a more flexible and efficient workflow while enhancing desktop security. To learn more, check out our QwickACCESS application on the Chrome Web Store.


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 It saves me an hour per day just by
not having to type in my password every time.

Nicole - Technician Yankee Eye Clinic


QwickACCESS utilizes proximity badge technology to allow users to tap-in, tap-out, and tap-over another user’s session, while securely logging the old user out and saving their progress. "QwickACCESS provides improved security and HIPAA-compliance for Eye Clinics. Patients say they appreciate that the clinic goes the extra mile to safeguard their personal health information. It’s really nice being able to just go from room to room and login with the tap of a badge", according to Dr. Rob Hegerman, Yankee Eye Clinic. With QwickACCESS, organizations can strengthen their security and HIPAA-compliance, reduce stress on the IT department, and boost productivity of its staff. It supports user compliance with organization policies to lock user’s sessions for data privacy (e.g. HIPAA, PCI), by saving a user’s session before securely logging them out if they forget to do so.

northwest vision institute

Located in Bellevue, WA - Northwest Vision Institute has been providing quality eye care for over 25 years. Using some the most advanced technology and latest surgical techniques, their award-winning providers help patients achieve the best vision and lifelong eye health.

Northwest Vision Institute was looking for a solution that would decrease the number of password lockouts their clinicians were experiencing, as well as a solution that would allow their clinicians to more easily roam from room to room.


Unlike palm/vein scanners, CORRECT PATIENT accurately identifies everyone 1 year and older.


CORRECT PATIENT accurately identifies patients and integrates those photos directly into EMR's.


CORRECT PATIENT is contact-less. Patients are not required to touch a device.

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