exactaccessenterprise sso

Enhanced Enterprise SSO Solution that automates fast and secure access to patient information.

This robust SSO suite unifies role-based application access, Multi-Factor Authentication, SSO auditing capabilities, and secure e-prescribing onto a single platform for clinical workstations. Its stateless architecture supports scalability and speed, and unique proximity badge functionality gives clinicians quick access to all of their environments and applications on any device in the shared network. And with the way eXactACCESS is licensed, our unique features and functionality are included at no extra cost!

Top-ranked by KLAS Research for 2017 and 2018, eXactACCESS strengthens security and HIPAA compliance, provides clinicians with streamlined workflow and more time every day to spend with patients, and eliminates unnecessary challenges for the IT Department

innovative and unique

eXactACCESS incorporates a variety of unique features and functionality you won't find with other SSO providers.

supports scalability and speed

Our stateless architecture supports scalability and speed while keeping processes steady and patient information secure.


eXactACCESS maintains a low impact and utilizes the current infrastructure, minimizing changes and challenges for IT.


Value added features included with eXactACCESS
User-Customizable launchpad

Our eXactACCESS toolbar allows clinicians to manage access to their applications more easily. Clinicians can simply drag their favorite or most used applications onto the toolbar or work space area for quick access whenever they need it, improving productivity and supporting more efficient clinician workflow.


Drag and drop application integration

With SNAP APP Integration, most Windows and Web based applications are automatically integrated in a matter of seconds, no Profilers or Wizards needed. IT personnel can SSO-enable applications for specialty departments quickly and cost-effectively, supporting efficient workflow for even small groups of clinicians.


audit, reporting and analytics

Designed to help organizations make more informed decisions, our web-based reporting tool makes tracking device and application utilization easy. Reports generated from this feature can be analyzed to reduce license and hardware costs, balance device utilizations, and even used for a legal evidentiary review.

active directory password reset

With AD-PWR, clinical users are able to reset their own passwords without assistance from IT personnel. AD-PWR reduces the number of calls made to the Help Desk, saving organizations money and time, allowing the Help Desk and other IT personnel to focus more on other priorities.

HealthCast has been delivering award-winning productivity and security solutions to healthcare organizations for over 20 years, outgrowing and outlasting many of our competitors. Part of the reason we’ve been able to do so is by realizing the critical needs and demands of the ever changing healthcare industry.

HealthCast integration

Integration with other software applications and communication with those programs is a necessity for delivering high quality care. We've integrated hundreds of specialty applications, and we're proud to say we have a 100% success rate with application integration and haven't met an application that we've been unable to integrate.

2018 top ranked Single sign-On

a ProveN Single Sign-On Replacement

eXactACCESS is a robust single sign-on solution built specifically for healthcare. It was once again ranked the top SSO in healthcare by KLAS Research, this time for 2018. Its customers recommend eXactACCESS to their colleagues; and, as a result, it is a proven replacement for other single sign-on solutions. It offers a familiar yet more intuitive user workflow, as well as a variety of unique features and functionality you won't find with other SSO providers. For example, Caradigm SSO users experience a similar application presentation and launch structure, simplifying and speeding solution transitions. And all healthcare organizations appreciate that our comprehensive SSO suite pricing is all-inclusive, meaning we don't charge extra for every individual eXactACCESS feature.

To learn more, please view the ebook below that describes features and flexibility for Caradigm replacements.


Epic environments

eXactACCESS offers exceptional functionality and superior services to Epic users. With a single tap of a badge clinicians gain access to Epic environments.


______    ______

As a busy physician, I look for any opportunity to save time. Multiple log ins or extra clicks to access Epic are frustrating. Tapping into Epic using SSO is so easy and quick. Using this multiple times each day saves me a significant amount of time, which I really appreciate.

David Deutsch, Pediatric GI Physician
Rockford Health System

Henry Mayo newhall hospital

With EXACTACCESS’s SSO capability, clinicians automatically login to multiple applications without entering passwords, which cuts sign-in time for users from about two minutes to six seconds. By improving access to data and usability, doctors have more time for patients. At Henry Mayo Newhall IT processes have become easier to manage, and with eXactACCESS, password retrieval help-desk calls have dropped by 70 percent.


rockford health system

Rockford Health System wanted an enhanced sign-on solution that would streamline access to electronic health records (EHR). Rockford implemented an automated solution with EXACTACCESS and Windows Embedded running on HP thin clients that connect to back-end servers. Rockford is improving clinician efficiency and increasing time for patient care, cutting costs by $500,000, with a more centralized, flexible solution.

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