Clinicians can now use qwickaccess for chrome devices to securely access applications

Clinicians are required to manually login and logout of their workstations multiple times throughout the day, which greatly affects their productivity and cuts down on valuable time that they could be spending with patients. HealthCast is now offering a simpler and more affordable way to securely access Citrix sessions running on Chrome Devices. QwickACCESS for Chrome Devices strengthens compliance with security and privacy policies while streamlining clinician workflow and increasing productivity, allowing clinicians to spend more time providing quality care to their patients.

Secure Proximity Badge sign-on
for chrome devices

QwickACCESS allows clinicians to quickly login and logout of their Citrix XenDesktop session running on Chrome Devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge; increasing productivity, streamlining workflow, and strengthening security and privacy compliance.

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the Beauty of QwickACCESS is in the Simplicity

Michael Romatzick, Middlesex Hospital