HealthWest Medical group

“The gain in productivity was quite noticeable. On average we gained about 5 minutes per provider/nurse team per visit due to HealthCast implementation and additional automation that resulted from there.”


Health West Community Health Center is a non-profit community health center that offers personable service in a patient minded environment. Located in southeast Idaho, Health West has been providing high quality care for the past 30 years.

With healthcare organizations being made to comply with higher healthcare standards after the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) was enacted, Health West faced new challenges that had a negative impact on daily operations, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Employees at Health West had to manually login 3 different times at each workstation, which could sometimes take up to 3 full minutes. Such a long login process halted productivity and frustrated employees, which affected the daily operations at Health West.


HealthCast deployed its QwickACCESS solution. QwickACCESS proximity badge technology, users are allowed to “tap-in”, “tap-out”, or “tap-over” another individual users’ unique session on a physical desktop or VDI (such as VMware® View, Citrix® XenApp® or XenDesktop®, or Microsoft® RDC) . After logging in once each day, each user can use their unique proximity badge to quickly access their unique session with the tap of a badge, from any workstation on the network.


QwickACCESS was the perfect solution for Health West’s challenges. They have seen a strong increase in productivity, noticing an average of around 5 minutes saved for every provider and nurse team per visit.

Health West also saw improvement in the IT department. QwickACCESS is a non-invasive solution that is completely integrated into current systems. This saves work for IT on the implementation and management of QwickACCESS software. “We are no longer the ‘bad guys’ who were negatively impacting their ability to perform their jobs.”