galen medical group

Located in West Hollywood, California, Benjamin Eye Institute is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice with an emphasis on refractive and premium cataract care. They utilize industry leading innovation with some of the most advanced technology to provide quality patient care. Founded in 2006, Benjamin Eye Institute focuses on upholding every aspect of the Hippocratic Oath, conducting their business in the most transparent and ethical way possible, and providing their staff with a rewarding and improvement based work environment.


Galen Medical Group of Chattanooga, TN was founded 1992 upon the mission of elevating the health of their community through multiple medical specialties providing excellent care. Time is one of the most precious resources for healthcare professionals and having to type in passwords numerous times per day was frustrating and slowing down the staff at Galen Medical Group.


QwickACCESS was deployed for physicians and other staff members to quickly and securely login and logout of their unique Windows® 7 sessions. By using QwickACCESS software and proximity badge technology, users simply “tap” their badge on an RFID reader connected directly to the workstation, thus eliminating the need to re-enter passwords multiple times per day. The “tap-over” feature also improves computer utilization in shared workstation environments. When a user approaches a workstation that has been left open by another user, all they need to do is tap their badge and they get their own unique session in seconds while simultaneously placing the previous user’s session in a disconnected state.


Benjamin Eye Institute is now enjoying HIPAA compliant practices that boost productivity, security, and user convenience. Staff members quickly and easily log in to any computer on the shared network to pick up exactly where they left off. With QA’s support for user compliance with organizational policies to lock their session for data privacy, Benjamin Eye Institute has seen a strong increase in security and HIPAA compliance. Also, eliminating the need to type in their password multiple times throughout the day has given Benjamin Eye Institute staff a streamlined workflow that provides each institution with an extra 30-45 minutes per day to continue providing high-quality care to their patients.