• HealthCast’s SSO Audit Monitor solution is a web-based reporting tool that tracks device and application utilization, as well as user authentication compliance and behaviors. SSO Audit Monitor enables IT and authorized clinical decision makers and managers to quickly and easily run reports on information collected by eXactACCESS audit server, with no database experience required. These reports can easily be exported to Excel for manipulation and analysis, enabling decision makers to make more informed decisions. SSO Audit Monitor is HIPAA-compliant and offers a variety of benefits regarding behavioral, data security, and device/application utilization analyses.

  • Behavioral Analyses
    SSO AUDIT MONITOR can provide user-specific information on how users are accessing patient data (i.e. badge-tap, manual login), number of attempts per login, whether or not the user taps their badge to logout, which devices are being used and when, which clinical applications are being accessed, etc.

Security Analyses
SSO AUDIT MONITOR will allow managers to identify unusual trends in user behavior to find potential security risks. Users who are suddenly using devices outside of their usual locations can be identified by device number and username, users who log in/out outside of their normal working hours are clarified, and AUDIT MONITOR can also be used to manage high-security patient information.

Utilization Analyses
SSO AUDIT MONITOR reveals opportunities to reduce software license fees for rarely used applications. AUDIT MONITOR can also be used to identify which devices are rarely being used so you can relocate them to better manage hardware costs.