HealthCast Achieves Top Score
in Single Sign-On Category

  • HealthCast, a leading healthcare security company, announced today that it has earned the top score of 92 as the top rated vendor for Single Sign-On by KLAS Research in the 2016 Midterm Performance Review Report.
  • According to the report, performance scores have been compiled from the feedback of healthcare providers throughout the United States and Canada. These ratings demonstrate HealthCast's dedication to providing superior products and services to its clients.
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HEALTHCAST SOLUTIONS provide secure access and unparalleled speed to EHRs, virtual, and clinical desktops, convenient fast-user switching, automated workflow eliminating “clicks”, unique proximity badge features, optional PIN, remote access solutions with second factor authentication, and “roaming sessions” to allow users immediate re-access to their work at any computer – all critical for successful clinician adoption of EHRs, CPOE, and electronic patient documentation.  Physicians state they save 30-45 minutes per day with HealthCast and are able to see 2-3 more patients each day.

Rapid VDI Access

QwickACCESS provides users with fast, secure access and streamlined workflow to local, published, and virtual desktops with the tap of a proximity badge. VMware®, Citrix®, Microsoft® and other VDIs are supported.



EPCS 2 Factor Authentication

Fast, Secure, and DEA-Compliant! HealthCast’s EPCS solution incorporates industry-leading biometrics, soft tokens and/or hard tokens.  It quickly verifies physicians when placing an order for controlled substances, whether they are onsite or in their offices.


Enterprise Single Sign-On

eXactACCESS is a top ranked enterprise single sign-on solution that provides secure role-based access to multiple applications,with features such as roaming SSO sessions, streamlined workflow within applications, auditing, and more.



Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital a Leading Regional Hospital Improves Healthcare with Faster Access to Patient Data.

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, wanted to speed adoption of its EMR system by providing better access to data through multiple devices. The hospital implemented an intelligent single sign-on system from HealthCast based on Microsoft technology that connects mobile devices as well as thin clients running Windows Embedded with back-end infrastructure powered by Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Active Directory Domain Services. With the solution’s single-sign-on capability, clinicians can automatically log in to multiple applications without entering passwords. By improving access to data doctors have more time available for patients. The hospital’s IT processes have become easier to manage, and with the HealthCast single-sign-on solution, password retrieval help-desk calls have dropped by 70 percent.


HealthWest increases productivity and improves clinician efficiency with HealthCast’s QwickACCESS solution.

With healthcare organizations being made to comply with higher healthcare standards after the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) was enacted, HealthWest faced new challenges that had a negative impact on daily operations, productivity, and employee satisfaction. HealthCast Solutions offered the perfect solution.


Rockford Health System saves $500,000 and Simplifies Access to Records with Intelligent System.

Rockford Health System wanted an enhanced sign-on solution that would streamline access to EHRs. To improve efficiency, Rockford implemented an automated solution with HealthCast and Windows Embedded running on HP thin clients that connect to back-end servers. By providing centralized access to healthcare records, Rockford is improving clinician efficiency and increasing time for patient care, cutting costs and easing IT management with a more centralized, flexible solution.


2016 CHIME
November 1-4, 2016
Phoenix, AZ

November 13-15, 2016
Bloomington, MN

2017 HIMSS
February 19-23, 2017
Orlando, FL